Travelcritix Update


Hi all,

Since we have gone rather quiet lately, we thought it would be a good idea to explain why, for those of you that stumble across the site and think this is a great site and would like to see it updated.

Travelcritix is actually undergoing a major transformation at the moment. We are re-developing the site, turning it into a real travel community portal that will enable consumers to help each other out to find the cheapest fares, the best connections, the quickest transport.

For this reason, we have stopped updating the blog format of the website, and are focusing all our efforts on the new interactive portal. We are in the stage of gathering requirements. After we have finished we will start building the new site, so it will take some months until we are back online again.It is all work in progress at the moment so please bear with us!

Many thanks,


CEO and founder of travelcritix


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