Which is the best airline in the Middle East?

Over the last decade, Middle Eastern airlines have gone from being virtually unknown to becoming some of the biggest players in the industry. But how did this happen? Well for starters they are already ideally located between Africa, Asia and Europe.  Add to that geographical advantage huge investments used to buy ultra-modern fleets and develop airports into international hubs. Then […]

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Top 10 destinations where English is spoken as a second language

Travel around the world expecting everyone to speak English and you will get frustrated or even end up offending your hosts.  It is always a good idea to learn a few basic words. Just by adding Bonjour, Bitte, or Grazie at the beginning or end of a sentence will make both you and the other person feel more at ease. After […]

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Barcelona or Madrid: Which should you visit?

Many first-time  visitors to Spain ask questions like: Which should I visit first, Madrid or Barcelona? Which is better? Which one will I like most? Both! The honest answer is you should travel to both! However, if time is limited and you are forced to choose one, opinions will differ wildly depending on who you ask. It is like asking what's better, chocolate or vanilla? apples or oranges? […]

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